The Shoe Inn started out as Capdeville Shoes. 

In January of 1990, Karen Saunders bought the place and crowned it with its current name: The Shoe Inn. It was a perfect fit.

Not only is her store family-friendly, it's family-run. Karen's daughter Taniah joined the staff and has been an asset to the store ever since. Taniah's children, Kindelyn and Caulden, have also grown up in The Shoe Inn.

Karen encompasses her store with the idea of comfort. This is why she places an emphasis on special ordering for her clients. While this has been an ever-changing industry for her and her family, Karen has loved every bit of it.

Taniah Evens, a Manager and Merchandise Buyer at

Shoe Inn, is married to her wonderful husband Ethan, who have two children Kindelyn, 11 and Caulden, 2. (A.K.A. Mini Boss and Baby Boss). Taniah Evens enjoys spending any extra time with her family and scrap-booking their many adventures.